Budget & Procurement

The aim of the budget vote of the Department is to coordinate and sustain service delivery at local government level. This will be achieved through the following inherent values as informed by Batho Pele principles;

  • Cooperative governance
  • Results-driven
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Partnership-orientation
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance.

Budget Programmes

The budget of the Department comprises of five main programmes, namely;

Programme 1:  Administration

The aim of this programme is to gear and support the department on matters related to the effective and efficient functioning of the Department. In addition, it aims to facilitate the implementation of departmental activities/ interventions and support the management of Housing Delivery, as well as the strengthening of Municipalities.

Programme 2:  Local Governance

The programme aims at establishing, monitoring, regulating, strengthening, supporting and capacitating municipalities and traditional leadership institutions in terms of the Constitution of 1996. The programme also aims to render support services regarding integrated planning and development. The programme has the following sub-programmes;

  • Municipal Administration
  • Municipal Finance

Programme 3:  Development and Planning

The strategic goal is integrated development and planning. The strategic objectives of the programme include; (i) establishment of Spatial Development Frameworks, (ii) improved development of local economy, (iii) Successful implementation of municipal infrastructure programme and (iv) Integrated risk planning and management of disasters. The programme has the following sub-programmes;

  • Spatial Planning
  • Local Economic Development
  • Municipal Infrastructure
  • Disaster Management

Programme 4:  Traditional Institutional Management

The strategic goal is the creation of viable and sustainable Traditional Institutions through achieving the strategic objective of; “Effective administration of traditional leadership institutions”. The programme has only one sub-programme, namely Traditional Institutional Administration.

Programme 5:  House of Traditional Leaders

The strategic goal and objective of the programme is to support and maintain the effective functioning of the FS House of Traditional Leaders. The “Administration of the House of Traditional Leaders” is the only sub-programme.