Webmaster September 10, 2019 Comments Off on KING MOSHOESHOE I MEMORIAL LECTURE


The MEC, Hon. Thembeni Nxangisa was invited to join the University of the Free State in the annual King Moshoeshoe I memorial lecture, where he gave the message of support for the day.

The purpose of the lecture was to provoke a platform for public debate. This would give people in attendance a chance to engage on issues such as national building, which forms part of the University of the Free State’s mission. Honoring the leadership of King Moshoeshoe I allows the University to acknowledge the leaders stern and ethical leadership. He provided a model as to what leadership is all about.

In his message, the MEC, called upon all men to bring an end to the barbaric acts of violence against women and children in this country. The plague which has seen a significant rise in brutal and heinous crimes against these groups has torn South Africa apart. He also called on all members of our communities to stop killing people from across our boarders, especially our fellow brothers and sisters from Africa. “The Government is faced within finding solutions to this pandemic, but the solution is within ourselves as men. Decisive leadership should rein. Politicians cannot do it alone.”


The MEC has vowed to work closely with the University to assist municipalities. He is pleased that the University has acknowledged and recognized leaders such as  King Moshoeshoe I. Leaders who he calls diplomats, who listened and worked accordingly with everyone.

“Our past differences should never hamper our ability to work together to build cohesive communities” – MEC, Thembeni Nxangisa


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